How to find the Baikalhostel

We are situated in: 664017 Irkutsk, Lermontova str., 136, 1st floor, apartment 1.
Feel free to call us, if you have any problems:
940798 (mobile-phone),
If you call from another country you have to dial 007-3952- 940798, If you call from Russia - (3952) 940798, If you call from Irkutsk - 940798.

The people are on duty 24 hours.

How to find us:
The Hostel is situated between the railway station and the dam at the River Angara.
Get off at the bus and Marshrutka (=minibusses) station "Mikrochirurgia glaza", on the main street ulitza Lermontova. From there it's a 1-minute walk to the Hostel.
If you go by minibusses - 45, 94, 99 (from the airport), or 7, 10, 24, 84 (from the centre), you need to get off on the stop and then cross the road. If you go by minibus 72 (from the train), or 1, 3, 90A (from the centre), you will need to walk about 20 meters without crossing the road. Keep the direction of the cars, and than turn to the right.
The apartment is located in a new red-brick six floor building near the stop. Look for the advertisement "Troika" (TPOUKA). The Hostel is just behind the corner. Ring the door-bell under the Logo to the right from the entrance door.

You find a map and a photo-story on how to get to the hostel on map .

It is necessary, that you tell us the exact time of your arrival in Irkutsk.

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